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“We try to buy as many local products as we can, so it’s nice to finally have a cooperage here in South Carolina. The pricing is fairly standard, but obviously we can cut down on overall costs due to reduced shipping. We bought 30 from Black Water Barrels. They are working great.”
“Larger distilleries only sell their overstock. You may get them one year, and never get to order them again,” Walton said. “I try to deal with local suppliers whenever possible, and not having to try to go to Kentucky or Missouri for barrels is a blessing. Black Water is pretty much just across the creek, within a five-hour drive for me. They are pretty quick to fulfill the order, and so far, the quality seems to be pretty good.” “They are easy to get in touch with if I have any issues. They have treated me right and there is a lot of service after the sale,” Walton added. “That means more to me than the product.”
Don Walton Jr., Walton's Distillery
“All of our grains come from local farmers, our corn, wheat, rye and malted barley all come from within North Carolina. Getting as much as we can locally is really important to us. That’s why we were excited that Black Water Barrels was opening,” Porter said. “Before we used cooperages out of Missouri, Kentucky and Minnesota. When I got to visit Black Water’s facility, I was able to see that they were making high-quality barrels. We filled eight of their 30-gallon barrels with our bourbon. We are excited to keep working with them and hope to put some different products in their barrels as well and order more from them. We also were excited to hear that Greg has found a stave supplier in North Carolina, which will give us even more of a regional taste.”
“I have three sources for barrels. Black Water does my 53-liter barrels, and I was on the waiting list at other cooperages. There is quite the shortage these days for quality barrels; you can find barrels, it’s more of a problem to find quality barrels. I was very happy to connect with Greg. We did a lot of due diligence on our part checking it out. There is nothing more important than what we are putting our bourbon in, so we wanted to make sure Black Water is a good operation, and it certainly is,” Powell stated. Before entering the business, Powell researched all of the distilleries that made the bourbon she enjoyed most. During her trips to Kentucky she learned that good wood and quality construction of the barrels are important, but it is also important as to how the barrels are stored. “The conditions determine a lot about how the bourbon turns out. It is very important to have the ability to develop both the toasting and the char of the barrel that will suit your taste,” Powell said. “We are glad to have a good consistent source that we can count on nearby. They are careful how they source the wood and we appreciate that.” Southern Grace began barrel aging in January.
“We recently took delivery of some new 53 gallon barrels with a char #4 from Black Water Barrels. We are very pleased with both the barrels and the customer service provided by both Greg and Tiffanie! Both the quality of the barrels and the pricing are better than we have been receiving from some of the larger manufacturers. We did a minimal amount of hydrating to the barrels before filling, but I think we could have gotten away with filling these barrels dry as the staves all look super clear and the barrels are very tight. We experienced no leaking on either the staves or the heads of the barrels. We could not be more satisfied, and look forward to filling more Black Water Barrels and enjoying the whiskey that comes out of these beauties in another three years!”
“Black Water Barrels are a great addition to our craft distillery. We
want to source as much as we can from local and regional sources and
now we finally have a great option for doing that with our barrels
“We received the barrels in a timely manner and they seem like they’ll work great!
Thank you guys for being so easy to work with/prompt.”
Mark A. Vierthaler, Boot Hill Distillery
“Hey Greg! Barrels seem to be working out great. .

Honestly though, I’m diggin’ on these barrels and the price is great so you got yourself a permanent customer sir! I’ve been singing your praises to a couple of other folks so hopefully they’ll start placing orders with ya.”

Matt Strickland, District Distilling