Our Story

Black Water Barrels, LLC may have broken ground in Spring 2016, but the idea of the Company has been brewing for years. The idea of building a cooperage came from one of our founders, Greg Pierce, who realized through his 25 years of industry experience, that there was a growing significant need for additional oak barrels in the spirits industry. Greg, through his work in the industry, was constantly asked “do you know where we can get barrels?” by distillers all over the Americas.

While having a Bourbon on a sunny back porch with his good friend, Dan Addison, the idea of the Company started to take life.  With Addison’s passion for wood and woodworking, and Greg’s passion for the spirits industry as whole and cooperages in particular, the idea became a dream…Black Water Barrels.

The Company found its home in Bamberg, SC, a small town with a long history of wood products businesses. Named for the slow, gentle black waters of the Edisto River that meanders through Bamberg on its slow journey to the Atlantic, Black Water Barrels is making its transition from dream to reality. The Company will produce high quality barrels that meet all of our customers’ expectations and creating barrels that proudly proclaim “made by Black Water Barrels”.